We’re changing the way the cannabis industry does business.

Welcome to 1620 Labs

We’re changing the way the cannabis industry does business.


1620 Labs is a licensed recreational craft cannabis cultivator based in Athol, Massachusetts. The company is privately-owned by four Massachusetts residents, driven by compassion, and beholden only to our customers – not by large corporations or outside investors.

Our state-of-the-art indoor grow facility and cultivation processes are designed to deliver on our mission to provide consistent, premium cannabis to retailers. In addition to our indoor grow facility, 1620 Labs will soon be utilizing full spectrum greenhouses to ensure that our plants are grown under the sun, just the way mother nature intended. We do all of this to create the highest quality cannabis product — producing the equivalent of a top-shelf liquor.

Why 1620Labs?

What sets us apart from other cannabis cultivators? 1620 Labs is committed to bringing unique varieties of cannabis gathered from around the world. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of each new customer and guarantee consistent quality for returning customers.

1620 Labs is all about innovation and consistency. We are striving to create cannabis varieties that the Western Hemisphere has never seen nor experienced before. We are using carefully-researched and proven all-natural inputs for plant nutrition, enabling us to reliably produce premium cannabis at an industrial scale. Other growers may use chemical-based synthetic additives in their production processes, resulting in flower that is lower-grade and less consistent. In contrast, our cannabis varieties are comparable to fine wine and guaranteed to deliver unique therapeutic experiences for medical consumers and a profound euphoric experience for recreational clients that is unparalleled.

The three fundamental components of our cultivation process:


1620 Labs is drawing from its vast horticultural roots to create a highly-productive, organic medium for growing exceptional plants. This is difficult to replicate on a large scale compared to our small batch model.


We are currently developing new plant strains with more specific medicinal properties for our clients. We have plans to offer custom hybrids upon request. 1620 Labs will also be implementing perpetual genetic seed banking and clonal backup in our library to preserve numerous plant varieties.


Quality Control is an often overlooked component of cannabis cultivation. From seed to packaging, we adhere to the highest standards during every step of the process.



If you’re tired of struggling with unreliable supplies of poor-quality, badly-packaged cannabis products, we offer a reliable and refreshing alternative. 1620 Labs features sophisticated, well-branded cannabis products in attractive packaging.


In addition to providing superior product, we are focused on additional services within the cannabis industry.


1620 Labs is cultivating a broad spectrum of heirloom, popular, and experimental varieties of cannabis for both therapeutic and recreational use. We are especially interested in developing cannabis strains with specific properties to alleviate symptoms that are often managed with opioids and/or other potentially damaging addictive medications.


1620 Labs is in the process of creating an extensive seed bank that will contain both historical, modern, and futuristic plant varieties.


Commercial cannabis is an emerging market that still suffers from a host of prejudices due to its history of being illegal.

Much has changed over the past several years, however, what is still lacking is an understanding of the health and economic benefits of cannabis. 1620 Labs is committed to providing the education and support the cannabis industry needs to thrive and succeed.


Our first release will include several outstanding hybrid cannabis strains specifically bred to produce unique effects:


An heirloom variety and timeless classic from the 1970s. A flavorful evening formula that’s effective in relieving pain and will help promote very restful sleep. This is a great de-stressor and customers can expect to have a very positive mood after use.

Wayne’s Day Off

Geared towards erasing the stress experienced by the everyday business person. This is a flower that packs a punch like a cocktail, while offering just the right amount of end of the day sedation to relax and forget about the work day.

Swift River Valley Kush

Inspired by the now inundated Swift River which created the Great Quabbin Reservoir of Central Massachusetts. This is a traditional heavy indica nighttime formula. For customers seeking a sleep aid, this formula will help promote a deep and restful sleep.


This is a modern hybrid with a winning pedigree. Elsmere contains GG4, Chemdawg, Stardawg, and unreleased lineage from Far North of Maine. This is a high THC variety, and is only recommended for seasoned veterans to the craft. Users can expect a very potent, uplifting euphoria.

1988 Skunk Devi

This is a new variety, never before released to the public. It is a cross between the very rare 1988 Skunk and a Himalayan plant that grew at more than 12,000 feet in elevation. The 1988 Skunk produces rock hard flowers with stunning trichome production. In fragrance, it smells like that of burnt rubber and throws zesty spice. The euphoria is very long lasting. The himalayan plant produces a clairvoyant high that can last for more than four hours. Users can expect to find an all day formula, dissimilar to any other flower yet enjoyed.

Queen katharine’s lace

A newly developed variety with lineage that we are keeping close to the vest. Queen Katharine’s Lace offers customers a very warm, and uplifting euphoria. Customers should expect to have an altered perspective that stimulates both conversations and appetites. This is a true party pleaser with just the right amount of hang time.

Current Breeding Projects: